Cannabis Genome Resources

A complete Cannabis chromosome assembly and adaptive admixture for elevated cannabidiol (CBD) content

Christopher J. Grassaa,b,c*, Jonathan P. Wengerd, Clemon Dabneyd, Shane G. Poplawskie, S. Timothy Motleye, Todd P. Michaele**, C. J. Schwartza+, George D. Weiblend+***
bioRxiv 458083; doi:


aSunrise Genetics, Inc., Ft. Collins, CO, USA
bDepartment of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA.
cEconomic Herbarium of Oakes Ames, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA.
dDepartment of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN, USA.
eDepartment of Informatics, J. Craig Venter Institute, San Diego, CA, USA.
+Equal contributions




Resource Class Type Download File Size MD5 Checksum Note
Genome Reference Sequence cs10.fasta.gz 194M cc85d2af4976eec5e4681c979158317b Pseudomolecules for chromosomes 1-10, plastome (P), mitome (M), and 210 unplaced contigs
Protein-coding Gene Annotation cs10.protein_coding.2905.gff3.gz 13M d9b2d03ce6448c8ecd923110a85387ef
Protein-coding Peptide Sequence cs10.protein_coding.2905.PEP.fasta.gz 7.5M 4b0a5b8cc26fa02fc82d709aee1fdbf3
Protein-coding DNA Sequence cs10.protein_coding.2905.CDS.fasta.gz 12M 0f887d70ed917a64a5ba29a67455b86a
Repeats High frequency k-mers Annotation cs10_red.gff3.gz 6.7M a0f5cd5f94c890995a4b160824d81293 Classified by Red
Repeats LTRs & TRIMs Annotation cs10_tephra_ltrs_trims_classified.gff3.gz 3.2M 09d14f2f8b82ff34ad07b8c9a3b0a6fa Classified by Tephra
Repeats LTRs Annotation cs10_tephra_ltrs.gff3.gz 2.6M c921a302738a2bf3dc7d6c3070c39165
Repeats TRIMs Annotation cs10_tephra_trims.gff3.gz 396K a08e7cee3d35766e30956dbd2a4863e3
Repeats SOLO LTRs Annotation cs10_tephra_sololtrs.gff3.gz 334M 15b1b88adad238fcd4820d255d2c7eaf
Repeats Helitrons Annotation cs10_tephra_helitrons.gff3.gz 14K 268c05abe5007811ca06c1664018485a